Taylormade Solutions


With our partners, we transferred technologies proven on-shore as type approved lifetime pipe repairs and preventive corrosion protection, into the maritime world.

Innovative Pipe-in-Pipe System

We are pleased to present you an innovative new technology for internal long-term repair and corrosion prevention of pipe systems on board. The first installations have already been carried out successfully. Talk to us, so that we can send you photos, video documentation and samples.

Excellent total cost effectiveness

Stop of Corrosion

Shorter Repair Times

Innovation for the worldwide maritime industry!

Come aboard the Cap San Diego and see for yourself.


There are two different processes for installing a „pipe in pipe“ mainly when pipe remains installed; different two-component resins could be applied either directly to the pipe or by inversion using textile hoses.

Shorter shipyard times for pipe repairs

Easy installation with complex or almost impossible access

Different technologies from DN50 to DN300

Execution also as travel repairs possible to avoid / reduce shipyard times

Cost effective alternative to replacement of pipes

Preventive corrosion protection

Excellent total cost effectiveness

LRS EMEA type examination certificate no. LR2011428TA

Patents pending

nUVision UV-Liner technology

With the “nUVision UV-Liner technology” we are able to maintain very large lengths and diameters of pipelines. The liners are completely shielded from light and delivered to the place of use for curing.

Thanks to unique, patented ignition technology, we can renovate significantly longer pipe lengths than previously possible in one operation.

Process and Certificate

The process is approved by LRS EMEA {Type Approval Certificate-No. LR2011428TA) and is suitable for pipes from 50 to 300mm in diameter for almost all water-carrying systems, ventilation lines for tanks and special applications. We are constantly working – in close cooperation with leading classification societies – on new applications and materials; Main focus minimizing the access work and the associated significant cost reduction for our customers.